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Alton Chung is a professional storyteller from Vancouver, Washington state. Born of Japanese-Korean parents, he grew up in the Hawaii Islands, surrounded by a variety of cultures and traditions of stories, superstitions and magic. In his work as a storyteller, he draws a special inspiration from his Japanese roots. His style is lively, graceful, enthusiastic and energetic. He performs widely at schools, libraries, festivals, bookstores and theaters. Alton received a B.A. in Zoology from the University of Washington, and an M.S. in Oceanography and an MBA from Oregon State University. He has traveled extensively around the world, always remembering to collect stories. Alton Chung  is the recipient of 2005 National Storytelling Network’s first J. J. Reneaux  Emerging Artist Grant.
Contact information:

P.O. Box 87931
Vancouver, WA 98687
Telephone: 360-882-3581

Stories told by Alton:

The man who made the trees blossom
Japanese 6:06 minutes
Once upon a time in ancient Japan there was a kind man who had a dog named Shiro. The old kind man loved Shiro, and Shiro loved him. One day Shiro sniffed something in the ground and brought it to the attention of his master. He dug out a pot full of gold coins. The kind man shared the gold with the whole village. Only one man was unhappy: the mean neighbor of the kind man……, listen to the story.