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Mary Carter`

Mary Carter Smith was born in Alabama in 1919 and has lived in Maryland since the 1940's. She is known nationwide for reviving and promoting storytelling as an art, as a teaching method, and as a form of communication.

Mary Carter Smith's extensive repertoire of stories, songs and poems earned her the title of Mother Griot (a griot is an African folklorist). She was officially named the Griot of Baltimore in 1983 and the Griot of Maryland in 1991.

Mary Carter Smith’s continued dedication to creating awareness through her storytelling has benefited children and adults alike in the State of Maryland, the United States and the world. Her image is celebrated at the Great Blacks in Wax Museum.

Mary Carter Smith
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 Mary Carter Smith kindly offered to tell a story for e-stories, though she is retired.,,

Stories told by Mary Carter`:

The Blind Man and the Bird
African 6:31 minutes
How can a blind man hunt?