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Sister Caroliese (aka Caroliese Frink-Reed, a storyteller from Philadelphia, entertains and captivates children and adults with moral tales embracing history, culture and tradition. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, she grew up in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. Since childhood she was fascinated by stories, based on African tradition and beliefs, stories she heard from her family members and other adults. And she read everything she could lay her hands on. Caroliese Frink-Reed earned a Master of Library and Information Sciences from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 1980. In 1987, she became a founding member of the Association of Black Storytellers and in 1994 became the president of the organization. Sister Caroliese appeared at numerous storytelling festivals, conferences and other cultural events around the country and abroad, including South Africa, Mali, Ghana and Guyana, and she received a number of prestigious awards. Recently she received a second Master’s in African American Studies from Temple University. Sister Caroliese continues to perform in schools and libraries. Sister Caroliese
Contact information:
 859 N. 29th Street,Philadelphia, PA 19130

Stories told by Sister:

Brer Rabbit and the Raccoon
African 3:48 minutes
Brer raccoon used to catch frogs by the river bank for dinner. When the frogs conspired against him, Brer Rabbit came up with a plan to help him.

Why Dogs and Cats Don't Get Along
African 3:09 minutes
Once Upon A Time, dogs and cats were the best of friends. What happened to a beautiful friendship?