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Rosemary Lee

Dr. Rosemary Lee Potter received her Ph.D in education from the University of Miami. She is also a graduate of Maryville College and the University of Tennessee. For 39 years she has taught reading to grades 1 to 12, as well as pre-professional, recertification and graduate courses in reading, children’s and adolescent literature and language arts courses at the University of Miami, Florida International University, Maryville College, University of Tennessee and Saint Leo University. At present, she teaches character education and reading at Carwise Middle School in Pinellas County, Florida. A prolific writer, she authored a number of books on educational topics and trends, texts of reading materials, college texts, and hundreds of newspaper columns and articles on subjects of television for children, parenting and antiquing. She also likes storytelling. Dr. Potter lives in Clearwater, Florida, and also owns a log cabin in the mountains of east Tennessee. Rosemary_Leepotter
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Cabin’s ghosts
Contemporary, American 3:47
When one takes apart an old log cabin of 1830s and assembles it together in a different place, one does not know what to expect. At night, a ghost puppy, or a Civil War young woman ghost may unexpectedly appear. One hears such stories all the time and one does not believe, until the time when awoken from deep sleep, one sees a ghost puppy thumping its tail at the kitchen door.