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Ramona Moore Big Eagle

Ramona Moore Big Eagle is an internationally recognized storyteller and program/workshop facilitator. She received the title of Oral Historian and Legend Keeper from the Tuscarora Nation (a tribe within the Iroquois League) of North Carolina. Ramona Moore Big Eagle has a Master of Education degree from the East Tennessee State University in Reading and Storytelling, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Catawba College. She has been storytelling to all ages since 1978, traveling widely throughout the United States and Canada. Her stories often relate to the Native American Indian oral tradition, culture and history. She uses authentic artifacts, craft, music and dance during her performances. Ramona has been a featured speaker at various conferences, meetings, schools, libraries, museums, churches, and festivals. She also has been involved in teaching and is active in storytellers’ organizations. RamonaMoore.jpg
Contact information:
9904 Avensong Crossing Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28215
phone / fax: 704-568-6940

Stories told by Ramona Moore Big Eagle:

Turtle Island
Native American 5:18
There was a place called “Skyland.” In Skyland there was a tree called the Tree of Life. One day a strong wind uprooted the tree and opened a big hole into another world. The chief’s wife fell through it and birds caught her. They carried her down and she ended up on a turtle. The dirt from the uprooted tree kept falling down on the turtle and gradually made land in there. That is how the Earth was created.

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