It's Summer Reading Time!

Prizes for reading. Fun for all ages.
June 15 - August 10 All Pratt Libraries

How It Works: Kids and Teens

  1. Go to any Pratt library to register* and to get your first prize
  2. Record your daily reading activities on your reading log
  3. When you meet reading goals, collect prizes at the library
* Summer reading is open to everyone. You don’t need to have or show a library card. And it's free.

What About Adults?

Summer Reading is for adults too!

How It Works: Adults

  1. Read one or more books to be eligible for a prize drawing
  2. For each book you read, submit an entry for a chance to win
Wondering what other participants are reading? Check out our Summer Reading blog posts.
Take the #PrattSelfie Challenge for a chance to win a lunch with Pratt Library CEO Carla Hayden.

Why Participate?

It's a great way to stay socially and emotionally engaged outside of school and work. And when kids read over the summer it helps to prevent "summer learning loss," which enables them do better in school. Also, there are prizes for participating.

Program Specifics and Printables

For Children 5 and Under

For School-Age Children, Up to Grade 5

For Teens, Grades 6 to 12

For Use by Teachers and Educators

Printable Handouts and Flyers

For group registration, rules, and prizes, call 410-396-5430 or ask at your closest Pratt library.
Don't have a library card? Want one? Just bring the required proof of MD residency with you.

This Year's Theme?

Sports, exercise, and wellness. Go Team Pratt!

What About Fines?

Kids and teens who participate in Summer Reading can earn Summer Pratt Bucks to pay off library fines. Ask at your library for details.

Suggested Reading

Find and Reserve Your Books Today

Don't have a library account? Register online to start placing holds. Pick up your card with your first books.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is this program a camp where I can bring my child?

No. The Summer Reading Program is designed to encourage independent reading. Kids can keep track of the reading that they do at home, at the library, anywhere, and in turn, they can earn prizes.

Is it only for kids?

No! Everyone ages birth and up can participate. There’s a program for kids, teens, and adults with different rules and prizes for each. We consider kids to be from birth to entering 5th grade in the fall. Teens are entering 6th through 12th grade. The adult program includes everyone else.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

Where and how do I sign up?

Stop by any Pratt location beginning June 15 to get started (or June 1 for kids). We’ll get you everything you need to keep track of your reading.

Can I register online or over the phone?

Adults can register by filling out an online entry form, but children and teens must visit a Pratt location to register.

How can I earn prizes?

Each of our programs works a little bit differently. For detailed information, see the instructions for each age group. Basically, you’ll keep track of your reading either in a log if you’re a kid or teen, or by filling out an entry slip if you’re an adult. Along the way, you’ll be eligible for prizes and raffles.

Who keeps track of how much I read?

You do! The Summer Reading Program is driven by you. The more you read, the more opportunities you have to earn prizes. All you’ll do is check in your reading at your local library to be eligible.

I lost my reading log, what should I do?

Print a new log or visit your library location for a replacement. Check with your librarian about how many days of reading you've already tracked.

When does the program start and end?

The program starts Wednesday, June 15 and ends Wednesday, August 10.

Still have a question? Please contact a librarian.