Between the Covers: More Reviews from Our Library Staff(2)

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Who Do You Think You Are? by Megan Smolenyak

I was inspired to read this book after attending a genealogy program at the Reisterstown Road Branch, presented by Eva Slezak.  I also am a big fan of the NBC television program, by the same name as the title. The book not only describes the family history of celebrity personalities, it also gives important facts about how to trace your own family roots using census information and other sources. It includes great online sites worth searching. A great tool for novice and experienced researchers. -- Vera

Romantics Anonymous: [a DVD] c2010

This is a light-hearted French romantic comedy on DVD about two ultra shy middle-aged people who work in a chocolate company in Paris, who evenutally overcome their shyness and fall in love, so it has a happy ending. The movie has English subtitles, so reading the subtitles = reading the script = reading a "book" :) -- Devon

 The Family Corleone by Ed Falco

Based on a screenplay by Mario Puzo, and written by Ed Falco (who was chosen by the Puzo estate), this "Godfather" novel is as fast-paced and bloody as the first novel, and any of the films based on it. A great read, especially if you're a "Godfather" fan. -- Anne C.

Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Although well written in verse and subject matter, the best way for me to describe/suggest this book would be as a kid sister the Anne Rice's Feast Of All Saints. Anybody who has read the book or seen the film and would like something a third or fourth the size, should definitely take a look at this book into not just slavery, but the particular struggle of the all too favored house slave. -- Genevieve


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