Between the Covers: More Reviews from Our Library Staff

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Between the Covers: More Reviews from Our Library Staff

Reviews by Genevieve, Hamilton Branch

Un Lun Dun by China Mieville

It was better than the "through the looking glass" descriptive phrase that made me take it home. Mieville's Un version of our world is definitely different and refreshing. Making up all kinds of words (and no Americans, I'm not talking about the English dialect and terms) and pouring out all kinds of ideas that are actually pretty damn brilliant. I absolutely loved the twist of an unchosen one which truly suited the theme and philosophy of the book. A good sentence to describe this book would be, "We create our own prophecies."

Illusion by Frank Peretti

I truly loved it start to finish. It was elegant, well drawn out with the perfect amount of detail and stuffing that kept me from getting bored and feeling stagnant at times. I'm pretty sure there was never a slow part to speak of. The pivotal moments were all well timed and gave me the perfect jolt of keep glued and ready to keep the pages turning.


Reviews by Meredith, Patterson Park Branch