Novel Destinations: A Summer Reading Adventure

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Novel Destinations:  A Summer Reading Adventure

By Eunice Anderson on June 1, 2011

One of the best pastimes during the summer is reading.  Young and old alike enjoy some of their most relaxing summer days lying on the beach, in a hammock, sitting on the porch, under a tree, with a book.  Baltimoreans have made Pratt Library one of their favorite summer destinations to visit for books, audio books, and movies to enjoy at home or take on vacation.

Pratt’s 2011 adult summer reading theme is Novel Destinations—affording a wonderful opportunity to explore new genres and places through books.  Through reading one can travel the globe exploring many cultures and making new friends.  This year we’ve added a summer reading book review blog so that adults can connect with each other through their reviews.  Whether you are looking for something good to read or want to write about a book you have enjoyed, check this blog throughout the summer—you won’t be disappointed.

Currently, I’m reading, The Women Who Raised Me: a Memoir by Victoria Rowell.  Come back later to read my review.  Enjoy your summer with the Library.