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Leonard T. Miller

Leonard T. Miller jacket_racingwhileblackIn the vastly white, Southern world of NASCAR, black drivers are rare and black-owned teams nearly nonexistent. During his decade and a half owning and running Miller Racing, Leonard T. Miller made it his goal to win NASCAR races and create opportunities for black drivers. His new book, Racing While Black, chronicles the travails of selling marketing plans to skeptics and scraping by on the thinnest of budgets, as well as the triumphs of speeding to victory and changing the way racing fans view skin color.

Leond T. Miller spent 21 years as a commercial airline pilot. He and his father, Leonard W. Miller, own Miller Racing Group and were the first African-Americans to win a track championship in NASCAR history.

Recorded On: Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Playing Time: 1:03:10

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