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By Carla D. Hayden

On this election eve, we should all be excited to exercise our freedom and be part of this democracy. As Americans, it is our responsibility to engage and participate in this process that helps shape the future of our nation. Your vote also has an impact on our great city.

Baltimoreans will have an opportunity to vote on the “2012 Bond Issues A to I.”  Voting for this year’s bond questions will help Baltimore grow and make our city better and stronger.

Bond Question "E" is of the utmost importance to the Enoch Pratt Free Library:

E. Public Buildings Loan: $17 million
The Department of General Services is responsible to the capital construction and maintenance of all City buildings including libraries, health department facilities, police and fire stations, and City-owned landmarks. This loan will be used to address life safety issues, such as fire suppression systems, buildings, envelope retrofits, such as roofs and windows, and code compliance, such as ADA accessibility, for the city owned buildings. In addition, this loan will provide capital funds for Enoch Pratt Free Library modernizations.
EDM Branch renovated pic
Renovated Edmondson Avenue Branch

Voting for Question E is also a vote for the Enoch Pratt Free Library. It will be an investment in making your neighborhood branch better. In the past, dollars were used to renovate branches in communities in this city like the Edmondson Avenue and Reisterstown Road branches. In 2011, nearly two million patrons visited the Pratt Library. Nearly 150,000 attended free programs for children, teens, adults and seniors.

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is now more than a repository of books and resources. Every day, each location is a community hub where people get together to use computers, search for jobs, meet best-selling authors and are safe places for your children to visit and enjoy.

We need your help to ensure the Enoch Pratt Free Library remains an inspiring educational and cultural resource for generations of Baltimoreans to come. So please vote FOR Question E on your ballot. It’s easy to remember, E for Enoch Pratt.

Your support will make all the difference! Go out and vote!

RST Branch renovated pic
Renovated Reisterstown Road Branch.

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