Summer Reading Program Finales at the Reisterstown Road Branch

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By L. Scott, Lamar Pinkett, and Becky Hass

What are YOU saying about the Summer Reading Program this year?

"This year’s summer reading was awesome! Books like “The Kite Runner” inspired me to keep writing!" — Chantia Banks

"I like the summer reading program because you win cool prizes and read interesting books." — Amir Muhammad

"Summer reading was great! I enjoyed reading all those books in the library! I got prizes, such as a pen, coupons, and a stereo headset. I even got a book about shorty named Yummy. That book was very interesting! Summer reading was awesome!" — Diarra Boatswain

Kids Summer Reading Program RST 2012

After the Reisterstown Road branch’s three year hiatus summer reading came back in full force this year. This summer's theme was "Dream Big, Read!" The program started June 2 and ended August 4. We had over 700 individual and group participants. Here is another quote from one of our participants, "Summer reading really provided an opportunity for my daughter and I to bond this summer. I liked being able to chart the books we read. It's exciting to be part of summer reading. We're first-timers as a first-time Mom." Thank you to the children and adults and who made summer reading at the Reisterstown Road branch a terrific success this year. — L. Scott

Teen Summer Reading Program RST 2012 

Summer Reading 2012 "Own the Night" was a great experience at the Reisterstown Road branch for the teens. It boosted the morale amongst the staff and community and has ignited a new appreciation for the library at-large. This year’s participation was filled with positive energy, a plethora of registrants, and spirited curiosity and anticipation. With this new found appreciation teens look forward to spending more time reading an eclectic genre of material and depending upon the library to be an ally in their literary discovery. If 2012 SR can bring on this new spirit then SR 2013 should be filled with endless opportunities. Until next summer, I bid a good night to my SR Night Owls!!! — Lamar Pinkett

The adult readers at the Reisterstown Road branch showed us kids aren’t the only ones who have fun with summer reading. We had over 65 participants who read almost 300 books. Even the Friends of Reisterstown Road Branch Library got involved with summer reading, and their president turned in the most entries of any participant. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year such a success! — Becky Hass

What a thrill it is to have had such great participation in this years Summer Reading Program! Reisterstown Road Branch is "Back on the Map." The steady increase in usership overall, and particularly the high number of Summer Reading Program participants of all ages, reminds us of the vital role we play in serving the community!
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