Pratt Profile: Miriam Suggests the Best Use of Your Tax Money

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Miriam Starbound coverYour name?

Your age?

Your local branch?
Reisterstown Road Branch

Your favorite spot in the library?
Audiobooks collection

What are you currently reading?
The Death series by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts' future cop series). Neuromancer by William Gibson. The Dog Who Came in from the Cold by Alexander McCall.

What book would you recommend to readers right now, and why?
Books by Joe Haldeman, since he will be the Guest of Honor at Balticon 2013.

What is one book you could not finish, and why?
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. It was too long and turgid.

What is the last thing you came to the Library to find?
The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl.

What is your favorite memory of the Library?
As a representative of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS), running the Harry Potter quizzes at the Port Discovery Pratt satellite location [which has since closed], and staffing the BSFS table at the Fairy Tale Festivals downtown.

What is one thing you want everyone to know about the Library?
The best use of your tax money, after fixing potholes.

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